Are You Ready?

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"The pressure is inreasing, and change is about to happen..."

“We’ve been bitten by the spider in the social web”, The CEO says.  She’s heard about social networking and social media and social social, and wants to be involved.  She’s not sure how or why, but she hears so much about it, there’s gotta be something there.

She asks The Marketing Guy to get smart on it, or find someone who can.

The Marketing Guy hires a social media ‘expert’ (a real one, not one of these (note: NSFW).  The Social Media Guy takes time to analyze the landscape, understand some goals, recognize some pifalls, formulate a plan, and begin to create a framework for measurement.  This will lead to a smooth(er) execution.

The Social Media Guy meets with some of the Marketing Campaing and Program Managers.  They want to embrace the social social (some because that’s what they think they should do, others because they genuinely want to), but don’t know where to start.  They look to The Social Media Guy for insights.

The Social Media Guy lays out some steps.  Eyes gloss over – “This isn’t automatic?” some of the marketing campaign people think.  “I thought this was free” another wonders.  “We have to do this ourselves?” seems to be the collective question.

The Social Media Guy extols the value of listening first, and illustrates how to go about listening to what’s happening in the marketplace.  The Social Media Guy emphasizes that Listening is Labor.  A screeching halt ensues.  Quickly, The Managers retort with, “we don’t have the time”, and “we can devote __ days to it, but not much else.”

Thus, the title of the post – if you (the collective and generic ‘you’) want to live and breathe the social social, are you ready for what has to change to make that happen?  Social media isn’t another task; it’s another tool to help you do what you are already (presumably) doing.  It’s not merely saying you want to do it.  It’s changing your behavior to accept what’s going to be a bit uncomfortbale and new at first because it’s different.  Seth Godin says it another way here.

A final question for you, and a follow-up: Who are you in the above scenario?  Is that the person you want to be?

image source: flickr / gregmelia