Using Twitter for Customer Engagement

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I recently created and delivered a presentation as an ‘educational class’ to some colleagues at work relating to Twitter.  My company is expanding its social footprint, and one of the ways we are doing so is through Twitter.  We have a large product portfolio, so I created one account for each of our seven major product families.  We opted to have a cross-functional group of people staff each account.  Some of these people are well-versed in using Twitter, while others have never even visited before.

I’m sharing with you the deck I created.  I sanitized it to expunge any work-related references.  There was nothing very sensitive in there, but I thought I’d be safe and not ruffle any feathers.  Below is the embedded SlideShare presentation.  Head on over to Slideshare to download the actual .pptx file if you are interested – there is a ton of useful, click-able content in the notes.

Note that this is a particularly word-heavy slide deck.  These are not my favorite kinds of presentations, but I wrote this so it would also serve as a piece of reference material long after the attendees left the presentation.

If you have any thoughts about the content, I’d love to read them.  Please take a moment to leave a comment below.

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