The difference between a group and a community

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I was listening to episode 20 of Media Hacks (iTunes link) and there was a good, deep, discussion about what is community.  This got me thinking, and I wanted to write a post about my thoughts around that.  In parallel, I received the book as a gift recently.  This may or may not be your cup of tea when it comes to humor (it is indeed for me).  This is about my skill level of drawing.

So, I put the two together and tried to create a post that shows my thoughts on what ‘community’ is (by contrasting it to a simple ‘group’), and did so by sketching some stick figures, rather than writing a long missive.  In true xkcd fashion, mouse over the pics to get a bonus joke (in this case, instead of a joke, it’s more of a description of the frame).

I thank the Media Hacks crew for having the discussion to prompt me to do this, and I thank Randall Munroe for writing a kick-ass web comic.


the address, the call to action, and the result (if this is a group)


the address, the call to action, and the response (if this is a community)