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I was perusing Google Reader the other day, and was looking at some of the things that CC Chapman shared.  There were a few that I had already seen, and some I hadn’t.  This is what I love about Google reader – and sharing in general.  It exposes you to some content that you wouldn’t otherwise know.  Ditto for Mike Troiano. The next day, and unrelated, I shared out on Facebook the link to my Google Reader profile.  I posted something to the effect of “… those that know me know I read a lot.  If you ever wonder what I read (online) most of the day, you can see here: ” and I posted a link to my public Google Reader page.

Putting these two thoughts together, I thought I’d take some time to share with you all some of the great readings on the web that I’ve come across, and read regularly.  These are some of the names in my blogroll, off to the right of my page toward the bottom (if you read this in RSS, take a moment to pop out to the site and peruse the list).  I listed these people here because when I first started getting involved in social media, these were some of the first people I followed.  Who knows – you might be in that same boat.  Or, you may have been involved in social media for years now, and you’re probably nodding your head at this list.  In any event, below is a brief bio (from my perspective), and some links to their content online.

How about you?  Do you already read some of these people?  What are some of your favorite posts?  Do you have people on your blogroll that I might want to know about?  Let me (and any other readers) know in the comments.

  • CC Chapman – CC produces a ton of great content, and it’s really varied, like his interests.  He blogs about new media, takes fantastic photos of all kinds of things, runs or participates in a handful of podcasts (my favorite is Media Hacks, run by Mitch Joel), and is, above all else, a Digital Dad.

  • Chris Brogan – I like Chris’s content because it covers new business, new media, being human in business, marketing through empathy, and all kinds of things that, seemingly, are anti-“today”.  Chris produces content at a blistering rate.  What’s great about is is that he shares his ‘secrets’ for doing so.  He doesn’t pretend to be a magician.  He underscores that it takes a commitment and time (to really see this through, watch his first Overnight Success video.  Then, search his blog and watch the others).  His blog has an incredible amount of content, but you can start here to get a taste.

  • Todd Defren – Todd is a principal at SHIFT communications, a new media and PR firm.  He splits time among multiple locations, but can always be found on Twitter.  Todd seems to really get it in terms of connecting with people, and also connecting technologies with business value.  Todd, too, blogs often, and doesn’t always share the popular opinion (one of the reasons I like to read him).  Also, he has posted a great e-book, Brink, is the father of the Social Media Release (and Newsroom), as well as the author of some other reference material.

  • Mike “Trap” Troiano – Mike delivers a presentation as a one-on-one conversation with an entire room.  In one scenario, Mike was talking about some examples of how businesses can use social media (I wrote up part of that here).  I like Mike’s presentation because it was really clear to see tangible values.  Mike also writes with a visceral tone – a very ‘get at the heart of the matter’ tone, which I like.  He has also written a few good mechanics posts that I refer back to every now and again.

  • Jason Falls – Jason write over at Social Media Explorer, and is a great example of showing how social media is a conversation (sometimes, it’s just not always face-to-face).  Go visit any one of Jason’s posts and you’ll see that anywhere between a third to half of the comments are from him – in response to others commenting on his site.  He gets back to almost everyone to make it feel like a real, honest, face-to-face conversation.  Recently, Jason upped his content production by producing a newsletter (CC and Chris do as well), so it’s yet another source of great content.  A self-proclaimed “non-math guy”, Jason maintains a good pulse on the metrics and measurement tools, and approaches them from a realistic point of view.

I’ll write part two of this list some time later.  If you’re new to this space, then you’ll see that I shared quite a bit already, so you have some reading to catch up on.  If you know all of these great people already, then help me and other readers out and link to a favorite post of theirs, or share someone new in the comments section.

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