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Kids today might ask: "what's a microphone?"

A few weeks ago, I and some other colleagues were interviewed by Kenneth Wong at Desktop Engineering.  Kenneth covers the product lifecycle management (PLM) space, and my employer (PTC) creates software solutions for the product development industry.

Here’s the opening excerpt of Kenneth’s article:

Some hardcore engineers may cringe at the mere mention of Facebook or Twitter. Others may admit to browsing YouTube for snippets of TV shows and animals doing tricks once in a while, but can’t see a purpose for it in professional life.

But PTC, known for Pro/ENGINEER CAD software and Windchill product lifecycle management (PLM) platform, is fully embracing social media. The company believes this teenager-inspired phenomenon has a legitimate place, not only in its own customer outreach initiatives and recruitment efforts but also in the product development cycle of its own customers. So much does PTC believe in social media that it recently appointed someone as its social media director.

You can read the rest of Kenneth’s post here.  On that site, you’ll see another paragraph and some pictures (a screen shot of some of our software, as well as pictures of my two other colleagues and me), as well as a link to listen to the 16-minute audio interview.  Kenneth was kind enough to permit me to embed the interview here on my blog as well.

So, now when family asks, “so what exactly is it that you do again?” I can point them here.

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