Audio Interview with Christopher S. Penn

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Christopher S. Penn

Christopher S. Penn

I had the privilege of interviewing Chris while at the Marketing Profs B2B Forum in Boston last week.  Chris was very busy, helping staff the Blue Sky Factory booth, as well as provide some 1-on-1 e-mail and social media therapy sessions to anyone who signed up.

Chris has many talents and places he can be found on the web, including is blog/media hub, the Marketing Over Coffee podcast (co-hosted with John Wall), a seat at the table of Media Hacks, and a full-time day job at Blue Sky Factory (see link above).

This is the first of hopefully many in a series I’m calling “three questions in five minutes.”  There’s about a minute of setup, and then about five minutes of audio.  Take a peek below at the time stamps, or just set aside six minutes and listen to the entire interview.

The Interview

[audio:|titles=Alan Belniak/Christopher S. Penn Interview – 2010.05.05]
  • 0:44 – Chris responds to my question about the overarching theme of the therapy he’s been giving about e-mail and social media at the Marketing Profs B2B Forum (you can also see Chris’s take on it here).

  • 2:10 – Chris’s response to the question about what is (and if there is) a difference in B2B vs. B2C marketing (I’ve written about that before, too).

  • 3:31 – In the wake of everyone using video now, because that’s a great platform… what happens next?  What’s the next ‘next’?  (listen for Chris’ response; I also posted something similar, too – in both blog form as well as a lengthier paper I co-authored).

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