Video Interview with David Reske of Nowspeed

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David Reske

I took a few moments and chatted with David Reske while at the Marketing Profs B2B Forum in Boston in early May 2010.  David (like Chris) was also very busy, providing some 1-on-1 e-website therapy sessions to anyone who signed up.

David is the Founder and Managing Director at Nowspeed Marketing.  I could tell you what Nowspeed does, but instead, just watch the video.  This is another installment in my “three questions in five minutes” series.Take a peek below at the time stamps, or just set aside seven minutes and watch the entire interview.

The Interview

If you’re viewing this in an RSS reader, there’s an embedded video.  Can’t see it?  Click here to pop out.

  • 0:17David provides a description of Nowspeed’s services

  • 1:02 – I asked David for his summary of the overarching suggestions he’s given in the 1-on-1 therapy sessions for website reviews.  Some key points David mentions are “translate a brand into a key message”; “have a defined information architecture”; and “have a lead-generation mindset”.

  • 2:57 – I ask David what are the benefits and drawbacks of hosting video on a website, versus loading it to YouTube (or Vimeo or Viddler or other) and serving it up via an embed.

  • 4:43 – I ask David about the benefits and drawbacks of syndicating and propagating a status update/messasge to your community across the same networks; I ask if that ruins the authenticity; part of the response falls into the “one size fits many” category.

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