What Happens When You Don’t Have Executive Level Buy-in For Your Social Media Project?

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Much has been said about gaining that critical element of support from executives on your social media plan, initiative, or campaign.  I believe (and espouse this), as do others.  Read any current social media blogger theses days (including yours truly), or just do a generic Google search on ‘executive buy in social media‘.  Surely this is an important step, because it gives the initative some credence, lets others know there’s a reason they should participate, too, and that the idea has been well-thought-out.

But what if your social media plan, initiative, or campaign doesn’t have senior-management buy-in?

What do you do?

  • Do you stop right there, knowing or hunching that it won’t go anywhere?
    • If so, then what?
  • Do you forge ahead, hoping to gain momentum along the way, and hope for a mid-campaign meeting where you can change the tide?
  • Or do you forge ahead, skip the mid-campaign meeting anyway, and just forget about that buy-in all together?
    • What are your responses to the detractors in each case?
  • What if your entire job is social media, and it’s not just a plan, initiative, or campaign?
    • As a pre-emptive reply, I’m not saying this is necessarily the case where I work at the moment – I’m merely raising it because I thought abut it today.

Please take 60 seconds and drop a comment – I’m really curious to see how we all handle this stuff.

image courtesey of http://www.flickr.com/photos/evrtstudio/

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