Generic Blog Post: Explained

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My recent Generic Blog Post was meant to be taken lightly.  It was an attempt at equal parts education and humor.

The Education

I get asked a lot about how to actually go about writing a blog.  Or what kind of content goes into it.  Or defending guffaws of “blogging is for people who sit in their Mom’s basement.”  I’m no expert.  Over time, though, I’ve picked up some great blogging tips from Chris Brogan, Brian Clark and the folks over at copyblogger, and others.  I’ve picked up tips from these guys by reading their tips on blogging, as well as following some of their advice: go read other blogs.  Get a sense of how they are structured.  Look at the variation from post to post.  Find a voice.  Find a structure that works for you.

The Humor

By writing it as an eigen value (the post serves as a description of a post; thus, of itself), it makes it (I hope) a bit more interesting.  It’s not meant to devalue other great posts at all, or they way they are structured or formatted.  When you strip away the content and look at the framework, blogging isn’t all that scary.  It can be like writing an essay for high school: main topic, supporting arguments, detail points, conclusion.  So, to help get that across in a different way, I thought I’d explain it in its “native environment”.

What it Means

I dont follow this for every post.  I may even violate it more than I follow it.  I recently started a separate, unrelated blog that only uses one paragraph per post.   That’s not the point.  If your fear of blogging is not knowing how to write it, cross that off your list.  Here’s your guide.  Here’s a guide.  Go read Chris and Brian for a few weeks.  In no time, you’ll get the hang of it.

What about you?  Do you have a tried and true blogging approach that you use, or you’ve seen used before?

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