How I Use Evernote to Help Me Blog

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I’m a big fan of Evernote.  It helps me organize my thoughts efficiently, has good sorting capabilities, and is wherever I go.  I like it because there is a client-side install, it’s available on the web, and I have it on my mobile phone (iPhone).

It helps me blog because with two button presses (that I can press without looking at the screen because I know where they are and the buttons are big), I can record an audio note.  This is how many of my posts get started (including this one).  I’ll often be driving, walking, or otherwise not in front of a keyboard.  An idea will hit me, so I blurt out the idea into a voice note.  Plus, my phone has a camera, so I could also take a picture of something to start a blogpost, and work on it from there.  Admittedly, I don’t use this option very much.

What’s great is that when I look at Evernote on a PC screen after the note has been recorded, it appears as an untitled audio note.  I can then listen to the note, then add text to that note that starts up my blog post.  The audio portion stays intact.  I don’t always write my posts start to finish in one pass, so being able to go back and create an outline, here, add some more items there, flesh out some text after that is a good system for me, and Evernote is great for that.

Most mobile phones have the ability to record voice notes, and anyone can start a notepad editor on a PC to take text-based notes.  What pulls this all together is that from web to client to mobile and back again, everything syncs.  Ideas are often fleeting, and using a tool like Evernote helps me capture them as they leave my brain through my mouth… or keyboard.

Amber Naslund also has a nice write-up of Evernote here:

How about you?  Do you use Evernote or another tool to help you capture ideas in the blog creation process?

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