How Findable Are You?

Alan Belniakbusiness, General, Marketing1 Comment

You’ve got an about page.  Maybe you’ve got a contact page.  (this is a bit different if you are a person or a company, but the idea still holds…)  Great.  Are you really findable?  Are you easily reachable?

I picked up one of the pieces to my daughters’ toys recently, and saw this.

Step2 phone photo

It’s a play cordless phone to a play kitchen.  There’s a sticker emblazoned on the phone to simulate a real screen.  On the sticker is a phone number to the actual company (Step 2) that makes this product.  Clearly kids can’t really read this.  But adults can.  And adults will notice, like me.  So when I have a question about where to find a replacement fake drawer or plastic plate set, I could try and find the users’ manual or installation manual (which I did save, but don’t recall where I put it).  Or I can go to the fake phone and actually get a real, working number for customer support.

Are you this findable (this is findable)?  Do you make your customers click more than two times from your home page to give them ways to reach you?  If so (honestly), why?

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