What to Write When You Can’t Write

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http://www.flickr.com/photos/re_birf/68815967/I was tightening up a draft for a post this week. I sat in front of the keyboard, looking at the text, looking where I could trim it. I didn’t get writers block, per se – the core content was written. But I just couldn’t muster up the energy to finish it. I wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t have the picture yet, and the headline was weak. “I gotta finish, though. It’s close, and I haven’t posted in a long time.”

And then it hit me: I’m not really on deadline. I blog for different reasons (more on that in an upcoming post). I don’t blog for work. I blog to talk about work, about what I do, and my thoughts and such, but I don’t get paid to do this or even accept ads on my blog. I’ve often implored others when counseling them that it’s key to hit a cadence when posting. Once a week. More. Often. Others say post only when you have something to say. And I like that mantra more so than the first. Even still, I like a hybrid approach. Post often, have something to say often, and say it well. (nice how I’m a fence sitter, huh?) But the key is the focus on quality. As I was drafting this post, I wasn’t feeling it. It’s OK, but it could be better.

So, I’m calling an audible. I’ll tighten this post up and release it later this week or early next week. It’s a post on Twitter, and will hopefully be helpful to someone. As of now, though, it isn’t. It isn’t clear, and probably more confusing. So, I’m going to pass, and not post, simply for the sake of posting.

image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/re_birf/68815967/