B2B Social Media Listening: A Case Study

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I’m preparing my content for the upcoming Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Forum 2011 in Austin, TX (February 2-4, 2011).  In doing so, I realized I never posted my content from the last Marketing Profs event I attended (Marketing Profs Business-to-Business Forum in May 2010).  My hope is that there is some value from what’s here, so I wanted to share.

I was part of a panel on a variety of topics, and my content focused on why listening paid off for us.  I didn’t go into the full details (sorry if the title is misleading – there are still some actionable steps in this presentation), because it would expose a bit of our business that I’m not quite ready to do so.  In any event, it walks through the critical first and second steps of a social media program: setting objectives, and then listening.  The core of the presentation focuses on some of the free tools one can use to conduct a listening exercise, and a spreadsheet that helps quantify inherently qualitative data.

The slide deck (hosted on Alan Belniak’s SlideShare account) is embedded below.  I welcome any comments, feedback, or questions.

B2B Case Study: Social Media Listening

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