Marketing Profs Post: What Are You Giving Away For Free?

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free hugsI have a new post up over at the Marketing Profs Daily Fix blog, titled “Give It Away, Give It Away Now’. You can jump to it by clicking on that link.

Here’s an excerpt (it’s a short post anyway):

With an increasing number of pitches, offers, “try me”s and what not, it’s increasingly difficult to separate yourself from the pack, as a marketer and product manager.

One way to offer something different is to show that you have something different.  Let customers and prospects try something for free.  Some of you may already know this and get this.  But for others, this is new – and it may seem… odd.  ”Give away something?  For Free?  That erodes my margin!”

If you have any thoughts, comments, reactions – I’d love to read them.  Thanks!

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