How a Terrible Website Will Increase Your Business

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A heads-up, if you’re looking for some new content from me. Over at Marketing Profs, I have a guest post titled How a Terrible Website Will Increase Your Business. The post talks about what you can learn from others’ mistakes to make your online presence that much better.  Here’s an excerpt:

Customers can be funny sometimes. They can tell you exactly what they want, and, as marketers and businesses, we can totally ignore them. To see what I mean, head on over to my new current 10-second timeout, Never Said About Restaurant Websites. It’s a short-form, funny blog, written in pure satire/sarcasm about what elements of restaurant websites that get under the skin of patrons.

If I were to open a restaurant today and I wanted an online presence (who wouldn’t?), you’d better bet that I’d read through this comical yet true list of posts and make sure I don’t do what this site is lampooning.

Stop over and give it a read, and let me know what you think, either in the comments there, or here.

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