eBooks and Whitepapers: A Content Rules (mini) Review

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In this video, I review one chapter of a new book on the scene, Content Rules, by Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman.  The entire book is great, but instead of reviewing the whole book, I wanted to instead dig into one chapter in detail.  The chapter I chose is about ebooks and whitepapers.  I recently pulled together some guidelines for my company, and I sued the content in Content Rules (ha!) to help me do that.  So, I wanted to share what I gleaned from the book, plus some of my own insights, with you all.  Find the video below and the time stamping to navigate you through the video.  If you’re reading this via RSS, you might want to jump out to the post to see the embedded video.

1:40 the difference between and eBook and a whitepaper
2:15 eBooks are written in a conversational tone
2:28 a comparative table of differences between an eBook and a white paper (page 171)
2:35 nine steps on writing an eBook or a whitepaper that people will actually read (page 173)
2:57 “share, don’t shill” – offer up value and not a product pitch
3:28 keep the tone conversational – try using comedy, an analogy, or cognitive dissonance as a literary device
3:47 design is important (and not just rotating a whitepaper 90 degrees)
4:11 make an eBook so the reader wants to turn the page, not feels like they have to
4:30 make your eBook shareable – give it legs – reduce the sharing hurdles
5:12 make your eBook free (i.e., not behind a registration form) unless you have a reason to do so
5:33 reasons why you may want to put your content behind a registration form (pages 1791-80)
6:21 http://www.ContentRulesBook.com

What about you?  Have you read Content Rules?  What do you think?  What other tips do you have about ebooks and whitepapers?

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