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The 2011 Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Forum was last week in (cold!) Austin, Texas.  I was excited to attend, and present with two other great people, Jeff Cohen and Sharon Mostyn.  However, I got stuck in Boston, and couldn’t catch my flight out!  Since our speaking slot was at the first time on the first day, I had few options to get there.  At any rate, that’s not the point of this post.  Instead, the point of this post is to talk about what we put together for the event.

Here is the description Marketing Profs used:

Are you an expert marketer but new to social media marketing or need a refresher of best practices? Then don’t miss this session! We’ll talk about developing a social media strategy for your company, establishing social media guidelines, and tactics to integrate social media into your existing marketing programs to increase ROI. We’ll show you examples of companies using blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn successfully to meet their overall marketing and business objectives and how to measure the results. Plus, get a hands-on perspective from one marketer who has built up the social media discipline at his company

Jeff took the lead in assembling the content for our presentation.  What we collectively collected (ha!) was at least one B2B and at least one B2C example for each blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, niche communities, and a few others.  And rather than list text in 10-point font, we instead showed a screenshot of a website that we picked, and spoke about it.  The idea is that the attendees would walk away with a theme of what worked for certain areas.

Enough blabbing.  Below is the presentation that Jeff pulled together for us.  Thanks, Jeff, and I dig the black background, Austin neon theme!

Did you attend the event?  Did you attend this presentation?  What did you think?

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