How To Build the Right Community

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Mass TLC Twitter ChatRecently, Chris Penn (daytime job, blog, Twitter, and podcast) spoke at the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council’s Social Media Cluster.  The topic was Building the Right Community of Followers.  When fleshing out this topic, I immediately thought of Chris to speak.  He co-administers the Marketing Over Coffee LinkedIn group (along with his podcast co-host, John Wall).  I’ve been a member of that LinkedIn group for some time now, and I’m consistently impressed with how well its run: no spam, always on point, lots of value, and little moderation from Chris or John.

Chris shared his thoughts on whats makes a good community.  In lieu of a PowerPoint deck, Chris walked us through a mind map he created for the session.  Instead of writing a long post about the session, I have embedded the mind map file (a static image, rather) that Chris used, as well as a screen scrape of the Twitter feed from that session.  I think  that these two combined should do a good job of telling the story.

The screen capture of the Twitter chatter is on the left, and Chris’ mind map is below (click each to enlarge).

What about you?  Did you attend the session?  What was your take-away?

Building Community

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