A Mass TLC Discussion on Content Marketing

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On Friday, March 18, 2011, the Mass TLC hosted another breakfast session. This session was titled “Creating a Content Strategy as the Cornerstone of your Social Media Strategy”. The featured speakers were Ann Handley from MarketingProfs (@MarketingProfs), C.C. Chapman from Digital Dads (@cc_chapman), and Joe Chernov from Eloqua (@jchernov). Ann and C.C. recently published a book together, titled Content Rules (I reviewed one chapter in depth a few posts ago – you can read the review of ebooks and whitepapers here). Joe has been continuously churning out great stuff from the content perspective for Eloqua.

Content Rules, with Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman

  • Ann and C.C. kicked it off with a summary of why content is king.
  • Everyone is a publisher, whether they think that way or not.
  • Publishing gets you found by search engines, and increases your rank in search results.
  • People search to find information.
  • Content isn’t just blogs. It’s all kinds of stuff, from blogs to videos to ebooks to whitepapers to slides.
  • Ann and C.C. arranged their presentation around the 11 content rules from their book (see link above).
  • At the end of this post is an excerpted Twitter stream (using the #MassTLC hashtag), so you can key into some of the highlights.

A Case For Content, with Joe Chernov from Eloqua

  • Next up was Joe Chernov. Joe presented a deck titled “A Case for Content”.
  • Joe described the parternship Eloqua has with JESS3.
  • Joe talked about the creation of a new acronym and term, RPM (revenue performance management)
  • Next, he walked through the process of getting the idea created, and germinating the idea internally.
  • He showcased some of the content ideas (note: not marketing collateral).
  • After that, Joe talked about the distribution methods and the timing – the real tactics of it all.
  • Joe closes out with some interesting and persuasive metrics about this real-time case study.
  • After the embedded Twitter stream (see above), I embedded Joe’s slides, so be sure to scroll down and see them.

What about you?  Did you attend this session?  Care to share anything I missed?

A Case for Content by Eloqua and JESS3

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