Don’t Say These Five Things For a Week

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During a recent vacation, I was talking with some family and others about what it is that I do. Not many in my family are as connected to digital and social media, so some of the vernacular I use gets met with blank stares. And that got me thinking…  perhaps the bristles some people give social media is that we’ve inadvertently (or intentionally) created a new lexicon. Perhaps that the barrier that keeps people away, or perhaps it’s an artifical crutch upon which someone can rest to keep themselves at an arm’s reach from all this.  So what if we abandoned the lexicon, even if only temporarily?

  • Don’t call it a blog (as a noun) – call it an article.
  • Don’t think of it as Twitter – think of it as catching up over coffee.
  • Don’t say Facebook (as a verb) – say share instead.
  • Don’t call it blogging (as a verb) – call it publishing.
  • Don’t update your LinkedIn status – rather, connect with a colleague and ask what’s new, and how you can help (and share what you’ve done, if there’s time)

A while back, I started watching body language when I started to say, “I read this great blog post about….”. Over time, I made a transition to “I read this great article…” and even to just “I read…” Sometimes there’s a stigma associated with diction.

This isn’t meant to be a warm ‘n fuzzy post while we all hold hands. It’s meant to really examine how we go about communicating not only the message, but the medium as well.

How about you? Can you share any subtle or not-subtle word swaps that have worked in your favor?

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