Like My New Clothes? Subjectively Speaking Gets a New Look

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Hey everyone.


If you’re reading this on the actual site (, then you are hopefully aware of the new lipstick and jewelry.  If you’re reading this via email or RSS – thank you.  Honestly.  Thanks for deeming my content important or interesting  enough to subscribe.  Do me a solid favor, though, and pop out for 30 seconds to see the new site.  Kind of like when you’re not house hunting, but you check out the neighbor’s house anyway.


I say this because I went through an extensive re-design with some great talent, Stan Gill.  Stand has been a friend of mine for 17 years, through different careers, interests, and locations.  Aside from all of that, the product of what you are reading is from him.  Working with Stan is easy. “What do you want?” – what are you trying to achieve, in terms of action or appearance.  A casual conversation or two after that (because Stan listens and picks up on nuance and intent, not just pure words), and he’s off to the races.  I saw a few comps, and was like – “Yeah, this is where I want to go!”


Want to see what Stan can do for you?  Head over to or call 858-663-8492 or email at  sg [a big ol’ at sign] stangill [and then a dot] com.


So, cake and balloons aside…  I hope you like the new layout.  Let me know what you think (positive, negative, or neutral) in the comments.  And thanks for reading.


New Subjectively Speaking design


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