New Guest Post: How To Use Twitter to Find New Business

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Short post today (just a teaser, actually).  Today, I started guest-posting over at Comparz.  Comparz provides in-depth user reviews and rankings of services for small and mid-sized businesses, from email marketing and lead management services to web conferencing and online data backup services, and are adding more categories as they grow.


On the Comparz blog, area experts offer their advice and viewpoint on a range of topics, including accounting, email, marketing in general, payroll, the cloud, and social media.  If you are starting up a new business, the blog and the software app review is a must-bookmark/must-subscribe site.  You can also follow along on Twitter on the Comparz Twitter handle.


Today, I wrote about how small businesses can get started using Twitter.  Not a list of 28 things you should do, but rather “Why should I care?” and “What Can I Really Use Twitter For?” (hint: finding new business).  Below is an excerpt:


So, you’ve hung out your shingle, opened your doors for business, and got a few fresh boxes of paper clips.  Now what?  Well, start by finding some business.  You can do that in lots of ways, but I’ll cover one way here: Twitter.


The power of using Twitter: searching for conversations, taking part, interacting, and offering value.  Not every tweet turns into a sale.  Just like not every real-life, face-to-face conversation turns into a sale.  But the power of Twitter and search is akin to having giant ears and listening to lots of conversations at once.


If you have a minute, head on over to the Comparz blog to read this post.  And while you’re there, check out some of the other great content (like the reviews or the decision tools).  Be sure to spread the word to any friend or colleague who is starting up a new business.


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