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AT+T's customer reward
A few days ago, I was on the phone with AT+T Wireless about a few issues I was having (two of many).  We worked through a few things.  Later that day, I got a text message from AT+T, ‘awarding’ me 1000 free roll-over minutes.  I was a bit shocked.  (At first I thought it was because I made mention of jumping to another carrier, but it turns out that other AT+T wireless customers got the same ‘award’).


I’m grateful.  But shocked.  And bewildered.


Here’s why I was shocked.  I don’t think I’ve ever gone over my monthly allotment of minutes.  Ever.  I use my phone more for data and texting than voice, and by a comfortable margin.  So when AT+T tells me I’m a valuable customer (awww, thanks guys!), yet awards me rollover minutes – I’m left scratching my head.  Kind of like ‘the punishment doesn’t fit the crime’, the ‘reward doesn’t fit the user.’


I don’t need rollover minutes.  At all.  I’ve got plenty from other months.  And knowing that makes this even less of an award, since I’ll never get to actually use that reward.  Kind of like a car service repair shop in Miami thanking a customer for coming in by giving them snow tires.  A nice gesture, but not at all a reward.


Why is it so hard for a company to see what their customers actually value, and reward them with that?  If AT+T had comped me a month of text messages (which, like rollover minutes, don’t actually cost AT+T anything), I would have said, “Cool!”.  Instead, I’m left with one more reason, among many, to leave AT+T.  Guys – you just don’t get your customers.  In the now-famous words of one of your competitors, “Can you hear me now?”  The answer is “no”, because you’ve never listened.



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