Review: Twiends – A Way to Get More Twitter Followers

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People join Twitter for lots of reasons… to share content, to promote a message, to find interesting things to read.  One thing is nearly universal, though: people want more followers.  I guess its because people presume that the more followers they have, the more eyes/ears they can reach.  Nevertheless, it’s a challenge when you first start out to get a mass following.  One of the things I hear most in my role is that a co-worker joins Twitter, half-completes a profile, sends out two tweets, and then wonders why they don’t have 50,000 followers like my friend David Meerman Scott. But there is hope.


Enter Twiends.


Twiends is one of a handful of Twitter directory sites (like wefollow, Twellow, and Listorious) where a Twitter-er can enter some information, like a tag, and then get listed in a directory around that tag.  So, if you’re into Harry Potter and want to follow and engage with other people who like Harry Potter, here’s a quick and easy way to do that.  This is great if you’re looking for some fun or passive conversation.

Twiends screenshot


But what if you’re a business? 


What if you’re looking to get some organic, earned media about your product or business?  What if, say, you developed a new kind of golf grip or some other golf apparel?  And you wanted to reach an audience of golfers?  Not to spam them (you know better than that, right?), but instead to remove that first step of the conversation (“So, what are some of your interests?”)  You know what at least one is! GOLF!  You could follow people about golf, engage with them, maybe see if they are talking about grips or a poor score or what have you.


One other interesting feature is the option to add where you live (at the country level).  Presumably, this will give you some access into finding relevant people in a tighter area, and potentially speaking a similar language.  While a cool feature on the surface, I found no way of actually being able to sort or filter on people just in a particular country.  Perhaps a Twiends representative can leave a comment to the post.


Another feature of Twiends is the concept of seeds.  Initially, I thought that this was a ‘pay-for-a-follower’ model, which not only do I not condone it, but I strongly recommend against it.  According to the Twiends ethics page (side note: it is pretty obvious and findable), ‘seeds’ is not a pay-for-follow model.  They liken it to speed dating, where its more like arranged introductions.  I can’t comment more on it than that, because I haven’t tried it, and won’t.  But it’s worth noting in this review that they have such a service (for good or for ill).


a sample of Twiends interest categories


In summary, Twiends takes some of the hassle out of finding people with like interests.  It helps you find interesting people to follow.  It helps you list yourself with particular interests and get found.  Whether or not you are interesting and engaging after that is entirely up to you.



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