3 Ways to Boost Interactions on Your Company Facebook Page

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This is a guest post by Dee Mason.  Dee Mason is a social media and travel fanatic, and has been writing freelance for nearly four years. She main focuses are on personal finance, on-line marketing and travel but she has been known to write about anything and everything.  


Facebook iconCountless companies are now getting in on the social media trend. It’s difficult to find an advert or promotion these days that doesn’t have some sort of social network message on it; whether that’s a link to a Facebook page or a nudge towards a Twitter account. Social media can help to make a business much more personable and raise brand awareness–keeping existing customers in touch with the business and encouraging new ones at the same time. If you’ve already taken the plunge and have a presence on the major social networks, you might have encountered one of the biggest problems that faces companies like yours: keeping your content fresh, enjoyable and interesting. Lots of businesses find that when they first launch their Facebook page, they get a lot of interest in a short time, with the new fans interacting a great deal with one another and the company itself. This surge of interest is likely because the page is new, so what happens after a few months? Your fan numbers grow much more slowly and your interactions go down. So let’s look at three great ways to turn this problem on its head and boost your interactions; hopefully leading to a more enjoyable Facebook page for everyone.


Launch Facebook-only competitions


A great way to encourage conversation and participation on your Facebook page is to launch a competition which is specific to your page. The format most companies go for is to have a ‘Like this page’ style competition, then pick the winners from the total number of ‘fans’ at the end of the promotional period. This should encourage members of your page to discuss the competition, as well as bringing in even more new members. This is really a two-pronged approach; increasing fan retention and actively recruiting new ones. The prize you offer could be one of your products or services, or you could arrange a contra-deal with one of your peers.


Ask questions and stimulate conversation


People tend to want to come back to a Facebook page when it offers them something they can’t find elsewhere. This is particularly effective if your company supplies a niche market. So, for example, if you sold golf shoes you may want to ask your Facebook page members which pair of golf shoes they think is the best. When people have a passion, they like finding forums where they can discuss them with like-minded individuals. By making your Facebook page this forum, you can rely on a consistent amount of interaction on your page. You could also consider asking your Facebook members if they have any tips or advice to share with other members. For example, if you’re a moving company, you might want to ask people if they have any tips on moving boxes around. Anything’s possible–so use your creativity!


Offer exclusive content your fans can’t get anywhere else


Just as you would when you ask questions to encourage conversation, you might want to consider providing your Facebook page members the chance to get quality, unique content that they won’t find anywhere else. This is useful for those companies who are in industries with well-known individuals. For example, if you sell fishing rods, you might want to arrange a Facebook-exclusive Q&A session with a well-known fisherman. Even if you only do this once every few months, you’ll find that your fans will remain active on your page simply because they know you’re likely to post this quality content. If your company has a blog, why not try writing a few features articles that are genuinely interesting to your customers, then link them to Facebook? Your customers and fans will really appreciate a supply of quality content, and it’ll definitely stimulate conversation!

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Remember, the last thing you want to do is constantly ‘spam’ your fans with simple links to products or services–they get enough of that elsewhere! You need to offer them something fresh, interesting, and unique to you. This way you’ll soon see that maintaining a happy group of Facebook fans is not only achievable, but fun too.


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