Motorola Droid Bionic vs. Apple iPhone 3GS

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Today I’m comparing the Motorola Droid Bionic on the Android Mobile Operating System (v2.3.4; “Gingerbread”) to the Apple iPhone 3GS on Apple’s iOS (v4.x).  Instead of a super-detailed (read: long) text write-up, I opted for audio.  Note that it’s not short – it clocks in around 20 minutes.  But if you’re on the fence about where to potentially spend $250 or more, and lock in with a carrier for 2 years, I think it’s a decent spend of your time.  My apologies for the audio quality – I had to reduce the fidelity a bit to get it to a manageable size (for upload and download).  It’s still passable, with a few drop-outs and hiccups, but generally it works.  But, you don’t get to experience the full dulcet tones of my voice. 🙂  [I riff a bit here and there, and go off-script; I’m still getting the hang of finding the right audio setup, so bear with some of the pops and clicks!]


Here’s a breakdown of my audio review.  The audio player is at the bottom of the post.


Executive Summary: Both are good. It depends on what you want to do with your phone.

Want it working out of the box, with little/no homework?  Get an iPhone. Like to tweak and adjust and geek around? Get an Android. Like to use a smartphone for Internet access, email, pictures games… oh, and talking to people? Get either.


Major Themes


It’s a hardware and a software comparison, not just one or the other

Physical features: size, weight, connections, screen, buttons, feel

Battery and battery life


Applications (“apps”), the app store (or stores – plural – in the case of Android)


DROID BIONIC by Motorola

Where the Droid Bionic/Android Wins

Customizable (ringtones, menus, etc.)


SD card (size and speed)

More access at the system level (different email clients, photo apps, music, etc.)

Keyboard and typing

Wireless sync

No PC app required to function

Connections (micro USB, HDMI out)



iPhone 3GS

Where the iPhone/iOS Wins

Open the box, turn it on

Tight UI/UX

iPod integration

iTunes integration

App store size (but this doesn’t matter all that much, and it’s a hollow argument)

Most of the setting to tweak are in one place


In closing: It comes down to target audience.  Who are you and what kind of a user might you be?


DROID-Android vs. iOS-Apple 3GS Comparison


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