Awareness-Exploring Social Media Business Summit Recap

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Yesterday, I attended the Awareness / Exploring Social Media Business Summit (read more here).  It was a one-day, star-studded affair with some great speakers on various topics of social, digital, and new media.  I really enjoyed it.


Below is a link to each of the presenters’ Twitter handles and the presentation they used (if available).  I also added a few summary bullets each – my own takeaway.  Lastly, I created a Chirpstory of the two hashtags used at the event – #esmboston and #awarenessinc.


Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang) – How To Build A Scalable Social Business Program jowyang

  • Many companies are excited to ‘do’ social media, but several are headed down the wrong path
  • Spend time and resources to arrange and organize teams and people smartly
  • Six steps are presented to achieve escape velocity and avoid social media sanitation
  • Lots of data and a handful of casestudies



Todd Defren (@tdefren) – Integrating Social tdefren

(note that this is not the same presentation Todd delivered at the conference, but it is fairly similar)

  • Todd makes the case that brands, now more than ever, need to react to company gaffes, and they must do so quickly
  • Slide 10 is a great slide showing how other big brands defend the need for social media inside a company
  • Slide 17 walks the reader through a cycle of engagement to show how the media and public relations landscape is different now



Ann Handley (@marketingprofs) and C.C. Chapman (@cc_chapman) – Applying Content Creatively cc_chapmanmarketingprofs and

(the presentation used at the conference has not been loaded; they covered the core tenets of their great book, Content Rules

  • You can head over to the URL to learn more.  Essentially, they covered a key point of each of the eleven content rules – head over to this link (Content Rules Preview on and jump to page 15.  Then, while you’re there, buy the book.



Mike Lewis (@bostonmike) – Distributing Social Content bostonmike

  • Mike talked about the value of sharing media to engage customers and prospects
  • He also showed how distributing that ability among a team can compound the effect
  • Mike compares traditional media to new media, and also shows the contrast
  • Mike underscores the value of integrating social media plans with CRM systems
  • Mike lays out a five-step plan for building and managing a social funnel



Tim Hayden (@TheTimHayden) – Becoming Mobile TheTimHayden

  • This was my favorite presentation of the day (but that’s because I have a personal interest in digital media on mobile platforms)
  • Tim uses a ton of stats and data in here – really compelling information
  • Tim talks about the confluence of mobile and location and context
  • Slide 25 is a great example of a marketing campaign done well using mobile
  • Slides 28 and 29 wrap up with some effective practices



Jason Falls (@jasonfalls) – No Bullsh!t Social Media Stories jasonfalls

(ignore the URL for the moment – the presentation above is the same/very similar to the one Jason delivered yesterday)

  • Jason, in true Jason form, walks us through a few case studies of how one can use ‘social’ to sell without being a tree-hugging hippie (his words, no mine)
  • Slide 12 speaks to the seven business drivers of social media marketing
  • Slide 24 is one of the better responses I’ve seen to the ‘ROI’ question
  • Slide 25 is a picture of a tree hugger



Mike Schneider (@schneidermike) – Checking In: Location-Based Marketing 

(Mike hasn’t loaded his presentation to SlideShare at the time I published this post)

  • Mike walked the audience through a few of the various check-in platforms
  • Mike described why checking in has value to marketers
  • Mike used Buffalo Wild Wings and others as sample case studies (mostly B2C) to illustrate his point



Jason Keath (@jasonkeath) – Yes, Your Company Blog CAN Drive Business jasonkeath

  • This presentation is tactic-packed with how to blog better – plain and simple
  • Jason breaks up the presentation into headlines, content, and calls to action
  • Each section has a list of steps and suggestions one can employ immediately



DJ Waldow (@djwaldow) – Socializing Email Marketing DJWaldow

  • DJ walks us through how email marketing isn’t quite dead – in fact, it lives on; most online services one signs up for nowadays require an email address
  • DJ covers some examples of social triggers, and how email powers social media (email=Batman; social media=Robin)
  • DJ covers how sharing content with a network gives it legs



Laura Fitton (@pistachio) – Make Yourself Useful pistachio

  • Laura espouses the value of being useful
  • If you are useful, then people will inherently find you on the web without you having to promote yourself (this is, by the way, the core tenet of inbound marketing)
  • A comparison of inbound marketing to traditional marketing is presented
  • HubSpot (Laura’s employer) helps companies do this via a three-step method: get found, convert, and measure what matters
  • Laura concludes with links to two great resources (slides 39 and 40)



Case Study Panel

Dave Kerpen, Likeable Media (@davekerpenAwareness-ESM Panel

Rick Racela, Comcast Sports Group (@ric_rac)

Jonas Nielsen, Mindjumpers (@Klit_Nielsen)

Taulbee Jackson, Radious (@taulbee)

There was no set presentation for the case study panel, but they offered up some great insights about pitfalls to avoid, how they manage and structure their teams, and even answered some audience questions (including one of mine).



Did you attend the Awareness / Exploring Social Media Business Summit in Boston?  If so, what did you think?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.



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