Guest post: Two Marketing Mini-Case Studies

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I guest-posted over at MarketingProfs again today.  In that post, I create two mini-case studies: one on persona-based marketing, and one on understanding buyer needs.  An excerpt is below.  Head on over to Know Your Buyer: Two Marketing Case Studies to read the full post.


Using Buyer Personas For Laser-Focused Targeting

Do you know your buyer?  Touting buyer personas isn’t just a way to fill up a meeting block.  Actually executing on it is even better.  Take this example from National Car Rental […]

National Car Rental Ad - YouTube


Understanding Your Buyer Needs and Catering To Them

My sister told me about a special that Ann Taylor LOFT (“LOFT”) uses.  If you are a teacher, you get access to specific perks and additional discounts.  […] Here, LOFT caters to that by working around the schedule of one of their prized demographics.  […] They are creating a loyal gang of brand advocates simply by making it easy to spend money with them.


Not a bad review of two marketing concepts.  And no quiz.  But go brush up on your four Ps anyway.



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