The Academics of Social Media Marketing

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About a week ago, I guest-lectured at Babson (go Beavers!), one of my alma maters.  I was speaking to an Enterprise 2.0 class, and the topic of this particular session was applying social media lessons to marketing.  In my chat with the students, who posed some great questions, I covered a few things…


  • Getting on the same page with some definitions (‘social media’, ‘new media’, and ‘marketing vs. advertising’)
  • Why any of this is valuable
  • What I do as a day job (explaining the role of a social media strategist in a B2B technology-focused company)
  • A brief review of the projects they are working on, and what I would do, were I working on those projects (my favorite part)
  • How Objectives and Metrics go hand-in-hand
  • How can one get started?  Listen.

I’ve embedded the slide deck below (also available on SlideShare).  I always enjoy going back to Babson and speaking with students.  Moreover, I like going back to Babson and speaking passionately about what it is that I do, and having a great discussion with students.



#MIS3525 ‘ers – if you can recall some of the questions you asked, drop them into the comments section, and I’ll do my best to reply/answer.



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