Zynga and Their Real-Time Response: ‘Let Alec Play’ Image

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If you’ve followed the news recently, you’ve probably heard about the Alec Baldwin / American Airlines / Words With Friends incident.  If not, here it is, in one sentence: Baldwin was boarded on an American Airlines flight, and allegedly was asked to depart the plane prior to take off because he allegedly would not cease playing his Words With Friends game.  I’m not a journalist, and am not taking sides, so go read some of the articles and form your own opinion.


Zynga, the creators/purveyors of Words With Friends, made a fantastic play.  They could have issued a press release, a blog, or a video.  A quick review of their site shows me that they didn’t.  Instead, I saw the image in this post all over the Internet (see for yourself).



In one iPhone-like screen-size image, they communicate quite a bit, even if it is tongue-in-cheek….

  • on a Words With Friends board
  • with ‘ZYNGA’ left on the play rack
  • the players are A Baldwin and American Air
  • the score is 1 to 0 (and you can guess who is winning)


Zynga’s position on this incident is clear.  They communicated it in a screen capture of a mock game, and they let anyone covering this story use the image.  That’s a pretty rapid, low-cost, interesting response from the company.  They took part in the story without actually saying anything.


The lesson here?  This is a real-time, low-cost, funny and interesting response from the company, resulting in additional media coverage.  David Meerman Scott must be smiling right about now.


image source: The Washington Post (but really, it’s Zynga, because isn’t that the point of this post?)



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