Santa, You Forgot To Give Me More Content Marketing Ideas

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I recently guest-posted again over at MarketingProfs’ Daily Fix about an unconventional way to source ideas for content marketing: your personal Facebook feed.  In this case, a few co-workers and Facebook friends sparked the idea.  I can’t take credit for the idea – that goes to Stacey Clement and Bettina Giemsa.  But I wrote it up here.  Below is an excerpt:

A co-worker of mine (with whom I’m friends on Facebook) lamented last night that she’s struggling for a gift for her five-year-old son.  Specifically, he wants Santa to make something in his workshop.  As a parent, that can be a tall order!

Another co-worker of mine (also a Facebook friend) saw our mutual friend’s post and said, “I’ve got an idea.”

I work in marketing at PTC, a company that creates, among other things, 3-D design software.  So, what did my second co-worker do?  She wrote up a short, light-hearted blog post for our PTC-run customer community,PlanetPTC.

HelloCAD - Owen's Santa request

You can read the rest of the post by clicking here.  And I’d love to read your thoughts.  Drop a note in the comments here or there – I check both.


I hope Santa or whomever got you whatever you wanted for the holidays this year.  More importantly, I hope you got to see someone’s face light up when they got something from you – whether it be a gift or even just your company.

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