Subjectively Speaking’s Greatest Clicks of 2011

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The end of the year means a wrap-up post.  Well, not always.  But it is a bit of fun to do a brief retrospective, as it pertains to this blog.  I have three categories this year for you to peruse.


The Five Most Viewed Posts on Subjectively Speaking (Authored in 2011)

Of the posts I wrote in 2011, these were the ones that got the most clicks, according to Google Analytics.


  • Social Media Best Practices presentation (February 9, 2011) – I was set to co-present at a MarketingProfs B2B event in (normally) warm Austin, Texas.  A snowstorm belted the US, and left me grounded here in the northeast.  My co-presenters, Jeff Cohen and Sharon Mostyn, carried on just swell without me.  But the contributions I had to the presentation still remain.
  • The Tablet Wars – iPad, Xoom, or Wait (March 4, 2011) – Apple announced the iPad 2 was going to be released in March.  The Motorola Xoom was already on the market, and frankly had more features.  So, which do you pick (if any)?  I share an evaluation process in this post.  The key take-away is whether or not you are the target market.



The Five Most Viewed Posts on Subjectively Speaking (Authored anytime)

Of the posts I wrote since the blog started, these were the ones that got the most clicks, according to Google Analytics.  What’s interesting is that some are (by the mere inclusion of this category) outside of 2011, indicating to me that some of you are finding these posts by searching.  Google may value freshness, but it also values relevance to a search string, too.


  • Hearing vs. Listening (December 1, 2009) – There’s quite a difference, and the two are certainly not synonymous.  This seems  to be a lesson we get when we are children, but forget as we get older.
  • The Difference Between a Group and a Community (December 12, 2010) – With this post, I took my hand at a bit of xkcd-ish cartoon style.  I tried more of a metaphor and less of a long narrative.  I suspect people find this post by searching for that particular phrase.  I’m not sure if they are disappointed when they see this post or not.  I bet a review of my bounce rate would be a decent proxy.



The Five Least Viewed Posts on Subjectively Speaking (Authored in 2011)

I had this idea back around late November, as I was planning out the rest of my posts for the year.  And then lo and behold, Christopher S. Penn goes and does the same thing before me.  Kudos to him for thinking and posting faster (kudos to him in general – go check out all his great, free content).


  • MP Daily Fix Post – Who Knows What’s Best For Your Product? (March 10, 2011) – I used my blog to excerpt and tease a post I wrote over on the Marketing Profs Daily Fix blog.  On that site, it got tweeted and shared on LinkedIn a handful of times.  So I think that if people stumbled on the content there, they read it.  If they saw the topic/post title on my site, it just didn’t interest them as much.  Or, there’s an overlapping audience.
  • The New Space Race: The Rush to Cloud Music Offerings (June 9, 2011) – Several new entries into online music storage emerged within about 60 days of each other – yet the problem has been around for a while.  Was it that no one could solve it?  Or were they all waiting to see who would move first?  A classic review of first mover advantage, and if it really is an advantage.
  • A Content Marketing Appetizer (November 23, 2011) – In this post, I share a light-hearted video about how content marketing is all around you, including a guide on how to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner.  But this, too, was posted right before the US Thanksgiving holiday.  And it was a video, versus a text-heavy post.  I wonder if my audience prefers to not see + hear me.
  • A new take on the FAQ (March 31, 2011) – In this post, I talk about the real reason people create FAQs and post them online.  As a teaser, ask yourself this: can a new venture/start-up really have a frequently-asked set of questions?  Probably not.  Read here for a reason why, then, they are created.


So that’s it.  That’s how I’m closing out 2011.  I hope 2012 is as much fun.  I enjoy writing and posting here.  I hope you have as much fun reading it.  If so, take 90 seconds and drop me a note in the comments.  I’d love to read what you liked most about Subjectively Speaking on 2011 (or any other time for that matter).


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