Guest post: Identifying Key Influencers

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The State of Influencer Theory, by Geoff Livingston

The State of Influencer Theory, by Geoff Livingston

A few days ago, I guest-posted over at Comparz (new business owners/start-ups: tons of user reviews on software to aid in the decision-making process).  That post is titled “Identifying Your Business’s Key Influencers on Twitter – Should You Care?”  The central theme of the post is whether it’s a good idea to do so, and if you do, how might you go about it.  Below is an excerpt.


No doubt there are people online who can make or break a product or service with a review or comment.  Conversely, a chorus of tiny screams might not even get noticed.  Yet they are all important to some degree.  After all, these are your customers. […] The looming question for many brand managers and business owners is this: How can I pay the right amount of attention, the right kind of attention, to the right audience, to have the best (not necessarily the largest) impact on my business?


You can read the whole post by clicking on the link above.


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