Simplicity In Messaging – Part 1

Alan BelniakMarketing, media4 Comments

I pass by this billboard every day on the way to work:


Coan Cash For Clunkers billboard


And every time I see it, I shake my head.  What a missed opportunity.  (For the record, I’m not picking on Coan.  I’ve never used their products or services.  I’m pointing out this advertising faux pas).  Here’s what I mean by the missed opportunity.


The speed limit on this road and the billboard size is such that you might get to view the entire media for a few seconds, tops.  So, in that time – and I recognize it’s a challenge – you’ve really got to get across your message or call to action.  In this instance, Coan tells me that they want to be associated with happy women, who smile, and wear green.


Again – what a missed opportunity.


Why not use the space differently?  Here’s a suggestion: try a bit of cognitive disonnace.  Or a before/after.  Get me to understand what the ‘cash for clunker furnaces’ means to me, as a homeowner, coming from you, a heating specialist.  Maybe a picture of what a run-down, or ideal trade-in furnace looks like.  Maybe it’s a super-old piece of junk that we all know could be traded in.  Or, they could use a picture of one that’s ‘jut old enough’.  That might make me think “gee, mine looks like that – heck, it even looks worse!  I wonder if i could trade in my furnace.”  And then juxtapose that next to a new furnace, one that Coan can sell, install, and service.

Now you’ve given me a reason to think about your company, and a reason to call.

This makes the most use of the space and the limited time I have to see it.


Tomorrow, I’ll share an example of Simplicity in Messaging, done the right way.


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