Simplicity in Messaging – Part 2

Alan BelniakMarketing, media4 Comments

(click here to see part one of this two-part series)

I’ve seen this sign on the way out of my neighborhood recently.


A simple and effective lost cat message


While I feel sad for the owners, I think they have totally nailed the messaging.  I saw this a few weeks ago, and said “that sign is perfect.”  And then, just a few days ago, I was driving by it again, this time with my family.  We stopped at the traffic signal.  I looked over at the sign again.  My wife noticed me look at the sign, and she said to me:


“That’s such a great sign.”

“What do you mean?”, I asked.

“It’s perfect,” she said.  “Two lines and a picture.  That’s all I need.  In two words, the sign tells me what the issue is.  Then there’s a picture to convey that message.  And then there’s a way to contact someone if I’ve seen the cat.  How much simpler could it be?”


And there it is.  No “responds to…”  or “last seen…”  It’s unnecessary.  The signs are up and around the areas where the cat was last seen.  I know what the cat looks like.  I know what to do if I see it.  Huge sign.  No clutter.  Big photograph.   Big words. Big telephone number.


Simplicity in messaging.  And my wife doesn’t even work in marketing.  Maybe that’s why she gets it.  🙂


(of course, no missing cat poster story can go without reference to Missy the Missing cat)



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