Email testing gone awry

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I recently got this email from ING.  I have an account with them.  My wife and I set it up years ago.

goofed email from ING (via


We set it up so long ago, I think it was right after we got married.  Just the two of us.  No kids yet.  I’ve been married for a little over seven years.  My elder child is four.  Even if one were to bend the space-time continuum, I still wouldn’t have any teenagers, or even almost-teenagers, in my house.  I’m not even a fan of Dick Clark.


Why would ING send this to me?


My guess is that it’s an email snafu – one that properly wasn’t tested or sent in batches.  Perhaps it was, but it didn’t pass a common sense test or a simple segmentation test.  But this stuff is beyond me.  I’m not a classical email marketer.  There are others who are much smarter about this than I am – for example, DJ Waldow over at Waldow Social.  Perhaps DJ or another expert email marketer can weigh in as to why this happened.  Better yet, maybe even ING themselves, if they are listening.


I’m not angry with them or at all upset.  I think it’s a bit comical.  However, we’re in a time-starved world. Competing for eyeballs – in the inbox or otherwise – is tough work these days.  ING didn’t necessarily do themselves any favors here with me.  I’ll still stay a customer, but they lost a point on my mental scoreboard.


To paraphrase a line from their own email copy: “Encouraging your financial provider to properly segment and test their email push– that’s so MONEY.”



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