The Writing on The Wall

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The Writing on The Wall (

I was in an all-hands meeting at work the other day.  We were talking about what happened in the past month or so, including new hires.  We recently hired a writer inside our marketing department.  He might even be a journalist – I haven’t had a chance to meet him yet.  I, for one, am excited.  I’m excited because we’ve been warming to the idea of content marketing for over a year now.  We – collectively, as a mass unit – are getting more on board with the idea of brand journalism, writing that’s writing and not necessarily marketing copy, and the like.


(note: to any of my co-workers that might read this – this isn’t to say that traditional marketing copy is bad, but that we’ve been talking about moving more toward this model for 12+ months.)


And that’s the segue…


As a marketing organization, we’ve been saying that brand journalism and story-telling and connecting with the customer at a more visceral level is where it’s at.  More of our marketers have started to write more, producing some good blog posts, telling good stories, without necessarily pitching.


If I were one of the program marketers in the marketing group at my company eight months ago, I would have seen the writing on the wall.  The repeated mentions.  The shift.  The signals.  And I would’ve done something about it, on a personal level.


If you’re plodding through your job, and missing out clearly on what’s important and next, and not doing anything to ready yourself for what’s next, so you can be at the next, before the next happens – why not?  Further, if you complain that you didn’t get a raise, or got passed over for a promotion… did you miss the writing on the wall?


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