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If you’re like me, you like good, craft beer.  Accordingly, I follow some brands on Facebook to stay apprised of seasonal releases, specials, and the like.  One I like in particular is Victory beer (site, Facebook page).  At the end of last week, I was on Facebook when I saw this post from them (see image below).  Here’s what I want to highlight…

Victory Beer's mishap, part 1 (via


Content from nothing

They took a simple accident/mishap in their packaging room and turned it into a post.  Further, it’s a picture post (and statistically, those get better engagement from Facebook fans than text-only posts).


They turned the broken bottle accident into a guessing game – and it worked!  In 24 minutes, they got 109 guesses! See the image below for the conclusion of the contest!


Here’s the secret sauce to the entire post: Facebook’s edgerank.  In a nutshell, the more people engage with your content (via likes/comments/shares), the better chances your content is actually seen by others.  What’s key to note here is that not all of your content appears on everyone’s pages – Facebook’s algorithms determine that.  If you thought that everything you post is seen by all your fans, you’d be mistaken.  If you thought that everything you post is even pushed to their feeds, you’d be mistaken, too.  Read this post to understand the full details.  Put another way: unfiltered, you’d get bombarded with a ton of information on Facebook every day, and every time you log in.  So, Facebook takes it upon itself to meter and filter that flow.  It does so by determining what content it thinks you will like the most.

Connect the dots here…

If a brand posts something that is essentially a ‘click magnet’ or ‘guess magnet’, they now collect a bunch of clicks.  This sends a signal to Facebook’s algorithms that this is a page that people want to see more from, based on the interactions.  (final results: 17 likes 40 comments, in about 8 hours)


Victory Beer's mishap, part 2 (via

How can you use this?

  • Create a guessing game of your own, based on units sold, videos watched, service calls, provided, etc.
  • Ask people what their favorite part of your most recent event was
  • Run a trivia contest
  • If you permit it via settings, ask people to share and post photos


These are just a handful of ideas.  The point is to think along these lines for some light-hearted, light-weight posts that will attract clicks.

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