A Comparison Of Enterprise Twitter Tools

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For a while, my company was using the freemium version of CoTweet.  Way back in the day, when I was evaluating tools, I narrowed it down to CoTweet and HootSuite.  And at that time, CoTweet won out.  It served us pretty well for a while: multiple people tweeting out on one account, one person getting access to multiple accounts, no need to share username and password, schedule tweets, and the like.  Essentially, all the things that are now standard in enterprise-level Twitter tools.


CoTweet was acquired by ExactTarget, and soon after, ExactTarget sunsetted the fremium option of CoTweet.  They gave users some time to preview their paid offering, Social Engage (which was formerly CoTweet Enterprise).  Knowing that we needed a tool to continue doing what we were doing, my colleague (Heidii Evriviades) and I set out to review a handful of tools, including Social Engage.


Heidii pulled together a spreadsheet (‘matrix’ if you’re in the kind of environment that calls every kind of row-and-column data as such) to help us compare and contrast the results.  I’ve embedded it below for your review and download, if you are faced with a similar task.  And, a few caveats…


  • We conducted this review around mid-/late-February 2012.  These vendors are evolving quickly.  If you’re reading this significantly after that date, then you might want to revisit some of the sites to check functionality.  Ditto for pricing.
  • Our baseline/benchmark for review was the free version of CoTweet.  This is why it’s listed at the top of the spreadsheet.  The remainder of the spreadsheet is in no particular order.  I’m not endorsing any specific product here.
  • Our situation is a B2B software/tech environment with a global presence.  Yours may be different.  Accordingly, what we cite as advantages or disadvantages pertain to our view of it.  Again, yours may be different.
  • When we used CoTweet, we were limiting ourselves to Twitter.  Over time, our presences grew on other networks, so the ability for a tool to address and work with multiple networks was not initially a concern or requirement, but it is now.  And if we found a tool that ‘won out’ only on Twitter, but fit all of our other criteria, we would consider going with that, and a different tool for other networks.
  • Major areas of concern included ease of use (transitioning a group of marketers from one tool to another), price, contract terms (could we get out after x months if we didn’t like it?), training, support, scheduling of updates (the horror!), the ability to work across multiple networks, and some baseline reporting/meta-information display.


So, with that, below is our comparison.



I hope you find this useful.  A major thanks to Heidii for pulling together the bulk of this assessment.


What about you?  Do you use any of these tools?  In a B2B environment?  What’s your take?


image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rosauraochoa/3419823308/

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