The Social Media Two-Face

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You’d think in 2012 that some definitions and common agreements to a few things would have been settled and in place…



Social media is free. Setting up a Twitter account and Facebook fanpage costs $0.00. Social media costs labor hours. Good design and imagery usually takes creative labor. Setting up hooks for measurement is additional, hidden labor.
No one on Twitter cares if you’re getting a stupid cup of coffee. Smart coffee companies can listen and geo-target offers to learn that people nearby are drinking competitors’ coffee.
A couple of people can handle do this. Some organizations have entire social media teams… and social media ‘mission control’  centers!
The intern can do this. Good social media strategy (and execution) requires a more senior role.
Blogging is dead. Blogging is alive and kicking.
Social media is easy Social media is hard.
No one closes deals on Twitter You can make $250,000 on Twitter with a tweet.


No wonder people say social media is confusing.  Ask nine experts and you’ll get ten opinions.


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