Email Messaging From A Car Dealer – Take 2

Alan BelniakGeneral, Marketing, media1 Comment

I railed against my car dealer for sending me some shoddy messaging earlier.  Just the other day, I got this message:


a car dealership doing something nice for customers, without selling to them (as seen on


This. Is. Awesome.



This is customer service.  This is caring about your base.  This is saying, “Hey, thanks for spending your money with us instead of someone else.  We like that.  Here’s a way to say thanks.”



You know what?  I’d even pay full freight for these tickets, but would be excited for the sheer ‘exclusivity’ of the event.



I’m not looking for a year’s worth of handouts.  But I know that dealerships make huge margins on service. And they are probably one of the most reviled organizations on the planet.  So whenever they can engender good will (in a non-cheesy way), it’s probably a good thing.



Well-played, Alan’s-local-car-dealer.  Well-played.