Social Media 101-Getting Started

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A colleague of mine asked recently if I could help pull together a short presentation (see below) on getting some social media 101 content together for a partner in our ecosystem.  This kind of exercise is harder than it looks.  As with most industries (social and digital media marketing is no different), there is so much that can go into a “if you do anything, make sure you do this” presentation that it’s a challenge to pick the right content to yield a useful, short, and readable presentation.


Add to that the need for some real take-away actions – not just fluff.  So, I sat down and said, “If I needed to give just some high-level basics on social and digital media for a partner in our ecosystem” [and this can be for any partner in any ecosystem] “what would I suggest they do?”


I took the slides I prepared for my colleague and sanitized them a bit for general consumption.  Please note in advance that this is high-level, “101” kind of content.  Just about every item will need to be explored on its own to determine if it’s useful or applicable or just generally to make more sense.  This is by design: I can’t readily fit every bit of knowledge on every point into these slides.  So, note that if anything here is new to you, it will take a bit of Googling (or similar) to get smarter.


I tried to give examples where I could smartly do so (via links out to other content), as well as some additional content at the end of the deck.  I hope you find this useful, for either you or someone else you know.  Like always, please sound off in the comments section with any questions, tips, suggestions for a v2, or anything else.