Practicing What I Preach-Lessons in Digital and Social Media Marketing

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Our fearless protagonist: Diego Manchego!

Howdy, all.

This post is a bit of a departure from the usual content here.  This time around, the topic isn’t social media, digital media, management, or messaging.  It is tangentially related to social and digital media.

I’m writing a book.

But not a book on social media, content, management, SEO, or any of those topics (maybe some other time).  I’m actually writing a kids book.  I’ve had an idea kicking around for some time now, and I finally said “I’m going to do this!”  But I needed an illustrator.  And not just any illustrator.  A good one.  So, I found one: Michelle Poirier (Michelle is on Twitter, too).


Why is this book project gracing the pages of Subjectively Speaking?  Because the entire way we’re approaching the launch of the book is rooted in digital and social media.  I’m espousing all of the things I read about, experience, agree and disagree with, and teach others where I work.  I bought domains. I installed WordPress.  I shopped around for free or low-cost themes.  I’m mapping out chunks of content for the blog.  Michelle and I are putting the final touches on the first draft.  And we’re launching digitally.


Some people have asked me why we’re doing that, and we plan on covering that in one of our first posts.  It’s not some grandiose secret, but it will be a chunk of content we share there, so sit tight for that.


If you have a kid/kids, or are an aunt/uncle, or interact with kids nowadays at all, please stop by the site, give it a read through, and consider joining the mailing list.  And if you don’t have kids, consider signing up anyway.  You can essentially follow along the digital chronicles of a book launch and the associated blog, Twitter, and Facebook activities that go along with it.


Thanks for reading.