It’s Easy to Spend Money on Anything But Social Media

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my social media budget (as seen on just recorded my first blog post – an audio blog post – using SoundCloud.  I’m testing this service out, so we’ll see after a few if I stick with this or not.  I recorded this in my house, just after everyone went to sleep.  So, my apologies for the hushed tone.  Next time, I’ll set the mic a bit farther away and project more.  At any rate, below is a text summary, in bullet form, of what I cover in this almost-six-minute post.  Below that is the embedded player (reading this via mobile or RSS?  Pop out to the post to see the player).  I’d love to read (or hear!) what you think, about the content of this post, or my foray into SoundCloud.


  • Introduction
  • SoundCloud as new technology to me, and a segue into the topic: not being afraid to try new things
  • Lots of data about CMOs and heads of marketing shifting their budgets to more digital
  • But people I talk to, blogs I read, stories I follow – it seems like it couldn’t be further from the truth.
  • In addition, there is seemingly no issue with spending several hundreds of thousands of dollars on print ads, billboards, TV, radio, …
  • Some of this content is mediocre at best
  • It got me thinking: what do these ads cost, from concept to creative to production?
  • Why not consider spending a fraction of that money on a ‘trial’ of social or digital media marketing?
  • If the preconceived notion is that the ROI of digital/social is zero, then why not? Can you prove that your crappy car ad brought in any sales?  You can see if the needle is moving with digital and social.
  • I’m not suggesting that traditional marketing and traditional advertising go away (go read this post from David Meerman Scott about that).  I’m suggesting a simple experiment: a temporary re-allocation.  And it doesn’t involve bad acting and poorly-selected props.


 Just because its new to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, and doesn’t have merit.


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