Free ebook – Getting The Most Out Of LinkedIn

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It’s no secret that LinkedIn is the world’s premier business social network (160,000,000 users and counting).  Many people have rather light entries and profiles, while others seemingly collect digital business cards there, and treat it like an online Rolodex.  And that’s OK – if that’s your intent.


But if you set it up a while back to truly connect and use it as a social network in the business world, are you getting the most out of LinkedIn? Are you really leveraging the people search, events, groups, and the like? In my unscientific poll and wading around the site, many people are not.  And it’s a shame, because this is where the value really is.  There’s so much to be had, if only one knew where to look.


So, here’s a primer on Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn.  It’s a free ebook I’m making available to anyone who wants to take their LinkedIn experience to the next level.  And if you’re already a super pro?  Well, then maybe drop a note or a tip in the comments section, and help out even more people.



You can head on over to and grab the ebook, or you can peruse through it via the embedded image below.  After that, head on over to my collaborator’s page, Alessandro Bertolucci.  He’s the one who took the core of the text ideas and added the visual imagery to really help tell the story.  A huge tip o’ the hat to him for making this a fun and informative read.


What about you?  How do you use LinkedIn?  Do you have any interesting stories to share?  Let us know in the comments.


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