The Many Roles of a Community Manager – An Eloqua Grande Guide

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Eloqua's The Many Roles of A Community Manager Grande Guide

Community managers come in all shapes and sizes.  And by that, I mean the role is defined differently at each company and in each instance.  For some, it’s a role that manages or facilitates interactions with and online (and offline) community on a specific network.  For others, it’s managing the totality of all digital interactions.  It can be a fun job, since at times, it’s akin to acting as a host at a dinner party.  But it’s not without its frustrations as well.


Eloqua, in grand fashion (<– see what I did there?), released another Grande Guide (this is number 11!) – this one is titled The Many Roles of a Community Manager.  I was fortunate enough to be able to contribute a section to this guide (thanks, Joe) to share some of what I’ve learned about community management.  My contribution to the guide is a small section on how to deal with haters and trolls.  I posted an excerpt below.  To read the remainder, head on over to Eloqua’s blog.


You make a seemingly innocuous tweet, and you get slammed from left field. You posted an update about your product on your blog, and you get dinged three times from the same person about a missing feature.

You feel stalked by haters, someone or some group that, for whatever reason, have it out for you. Hater motivations come in many flavors: unsavory competitors, frustrated customers, disgruntled employees. You might feel discouraged, but there are steps you can take to deal with haters.


> 1. Understand the Motivations: If you can get to the root cause, devising your approach and possible remediation will be easier. Some possible motivations include a feeling of being insulted, being wronged, or even a competitor looking to stir the pot.

> 2. Keep it Professional: Use empathy in [click through to read more]


I’ll also be posting an expanded version of the content that ultimately made it into this guide soon.  For brevity and interest, the Eloqua editing staff kept it short and poignant.


Head on over to Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue blog for more details, more grande guides, and more social media and marketing automation goodness.  And if you want to say hi to a really good community manager, reach out to my friend and colleague, Dan Marotta.


image source: Eloqua


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