How To Create a Viral Video

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how to create a viral video


  1. Create a really good video (here, here, and here).
  2. Make it socially share-able (here, here and here).
  3. Go share it socially (here, here, and here).





You don’t decide if a video is viral. The audience does. And what makes it spread?  It needs to be good.  It needs to be so good, it elicits the reaction of “Oh man, I gotta share this.”  And then that sharing needs to be enabled.  FaceTwitLinkedTube?  Sure.  Email, too.  And short links.  Embed codes. Short, effective titles.  Finally, you need to do some of the sharing as well.  This isn’t A Field of Dreams.


The list is short.  The steps are clear.  But it certainly isn’t easy.  But there’s also no super secret sauce here, either.


photo credit: HubSpot via photo pin cc


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