Cracking the code for B2B Marketing Analytics

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Marketing is tough business.  Gone are the days (were there any ever, really?) of just producing a product and having it sell by itself.  And many – sadly, not all – of us know that marketing is not advertising.  Marketing is serious business.  So serious, in fact, that it’s just as much art as it is science.  Yes, the art of writing a compelling headline, good copy, and using a snazzy image can be measured in the digital space.  And if you can measure it, you can optimize against it – there’s that ‘science’ part.  This gets incredibly more interesting and complex in the B2B space, because sales cycles are typically longer, and the buyer is often not the end user (you can read more about that here).


I think marketing measurement is becoming increasingly critical.  Those in the marketing automation space, like my friend Joe Chernov, know this to be incredibly true.  So, if you find yourself wanting to learn more about why marketing analytics are important, or if you know they are, and need to convince a HiPPO that this is worthwhile, you should peruse the infographic I’ve re-blogged below.  The folks at g2m solutions have graciously permitted the embedding of the infographic on other sites, and I’ve graciously accepted the opportunity. 🙂


A few sections that I like, and want to call to your attention:


  • In the ‘TOFU’ section, I like how they suggest breaking down the sources yet again to really determine the pathing of leads.
  • In the ‘MOFU’ section, this is where you can really take data (‘science’) and use it to alter what the customer sees, and hopefully improve responses (‘art’)
  • The ‘BOFU’ section is probably the most challenging, because it assumes you have some things in place to measure such activities.  But this is the section that will probably get the most attention, since it relates/correlates to revenue.


Without further ado, here you go. Original image source is from g2m solution’s B2B Marketing Analytics – Keys to The Boardroom


g2m Solution - B2B Marketing Analytics, The keys to the Boardroom




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