A Facebook Fan Is Worth Three Dollars

Alan BelniakSocial MediaLeave a Comment

At least according to UPS it is. I saw this sign over a computer terminal in a local UPS store.


UPS Facebook fans are worth three dollars (as seen on http://www.SubjectivelySpeaking.net)


So, the price of fan acquisition for UPS is $3.00. I think we both agree that the price is arbitrary. They could have set it at $4 or $2. There’s really no loss to them, since the PC would be otherwise unused, and many PC sessions do and will last beyond 15 minutes anyway.

But it’s not like a coupon, though. If I redeem a coupon, you (the company) see success in advertising, I get a lower price, and we all win. Transaction over.

But if I like a brand on Facebook, I’m potentially seeing a lot of their content (or maybe not) in my feed, because I have subscribed and opted in.


Is it worth three bucks to permit me to hawk my wares at you? Do most people think about this on this level before clicking like to save what equates to a latte at Starbucks?


I’m not sure I know the answer to either of those. But it’s food for thought.


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