Subjectively Speaking is Undergoing Some Maintenance

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a little maintenance (as seen on http://www.SubjectivelySpeaking - original here:  )



In the next few days, I’ll be switching out the RSS service on my blog from feedburner to something else.  I’ve never done this before, and have used feedburner from the start.


What this means to you


Nothing, if I do this correctly.  However, if you are a regular reader (thank you for that), please check back here manually ( in a few days and re-add my RSS feed (lil’ orange circle with white lines on it, or dump the site URL into Google Reader).  If it tells you that you are already subscribed, then great.  If not, well then you’ve re-joined.


If you are an email subscriber, I’ve exported my list of you all, and will attempt to get you back to receiving this post via email.  If for some reason you don’t, you can email me at alan [at] subjectivelyspeaking [dot] net.


Thanks for your patience.




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